Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blog Experience

This week Professor Peluso asked the class to summarize their blog experiences. Well, I don’t know about my other classmates, but I had an absolutely amazing experience and a wonderful time blogging about my topic. To be very honest, I have never experienced anything new/different. It is always the same old stuff with the same old rules in every class. However, English 112 was a totally new and exciting experience for me due to blogging.

For the longest time, I have been hearing about “blogging” and the world “blog.” Yet, I always asked myself, “What in the world is a blog?!” I mean I just could not understand what was so special about it and why it was used. Well, today I know, and I know very well what a blog is and why people are so fond of it.

Ever since the start of English 112, I have been writing and posting new blogs every week. When Professor Peluso told the class that there would be a ton of blogging in this class, I became very stressed out. It wasn’t the writing that was worrying me, but it was actually the blogging that got to me. I wasn’t even really familiar with the world, so how in the world was I supposed to create a blog and also post entries on it every week?

Well, when I had to write my first blog, it was not quite up to the mark. And to be quite honest, that was only because I really didn’t know how I was supposed to approach a topic through a blog. Then, I read other blogs, including the blogs of students in my class, and saw the way they did their writing(s). After seeing that the blogs looked similar to how one would write essays for a regular research paper, I realized that it was not such a big deal after all. After that day, my blog entries were just commented on and praised continuously, which influenced my writing even more. For a beginner like me, I had an easier time blogging than I ever thought. I guess it was the new experience that was scaring me, but when I got a little push, everything seemed to be just fine.

To me, blogging was just such a new innovative way to put out my writing, my thoughts, and more, online. Blogging was not just a way put out research and facts about a topic for my class or the public, but also a way of announcing and showing my passion about this one topic and what I want the world to know and hear. I think that my blogs definitely reflected who I really am, and maybe there could not have been a better way of showing that than this (blogging). I have a tendency to write a lot about any topic I choose because I feel as if there is just so much to say and yet so little time. But, blogging actually allowed me to present my information more effectively without cluttering everything together. After my first blog, my writing improved so much that I started to get numerous amounts of comments. Not just that, but Professor Peluso even called my writing, “senior-level!” I mean, how awesome is that? I was so proud of myself when I realized that my writing had gone up to a level that I never even though of, and that was actually because of blogging. I, myself, am impressed with my writing and I couldn’t have felt better!

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